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A group of prisoners, led by an armed robber and a gangster, attempt to escape from the infamous Alcatraz Island.

In May 1946, a group of desperate inmates led by a robber and a gangster hatch a daring plan to escape from Alcatraz, the most secure and feared prison in America. They seize several guards as hostages and start a violent uprising, hoping to break free from the island fortress. But they soon face the wrath of the Warden, who is determined to keep his reputation intact, and a fierce General, who commands a military force to crush the rebellion. This is the gripping true story of the Battle of Alcatraz, a brutal struggle for survival that only the smartest and toughest will survive.

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Composer - Ian Livingstone

Ian is an award-winning composer whose work is widely used on TV, films, video games and advertisements right around the world. His achievements include an Ivor Novello Award for his work on the video game score for Napoleon: Total War. He has been writing for MediaTracks for many years, and he enjoys the freedom library music gives him to explore different styles and instrumentation.

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