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Ian Livingstone

Ian Livingstone

Ian Livingstone


Ian Livingstone (he/him)

What I’ve always liked about working with MediaTracks is that they’re very hands-on and take a personal approach.

Ian Livingstone’s musical journey began at the age of just five, when his family first got a piano. Having completed all his grade exams just a few years later, it was clear that music could hold a career for him, and he went on to study popular music and sound recording at Salford University.

After graduation, Ian toured as a session musician with a number of successful bands, but he began to realise that composition was what he really wanted to do. His decision to become a composer can be traced back to when he heard the soundtrack for Edward Scissorhands. It showed him the power of music to express emotion and connect us to stories, and he wanted to be a part of that.

Like so many things in life, Ian’s first steps to becoming a composer were helped by a stroke of luck. He had put an old keyboard up for sale, and the family who bought it happened to own a gaming company. They asked him to do a couple of demos for Star Lancer and Star Trek Invasion, and before long more commissions were on their way. He began working with a number of organisations that became very successful, and his own career in turn has gone from strength to strength.

Ian has composed over 100 scores for multi-million selling titles and franchises including Battlefield, Forza, Lego, Formula 1, Warhammer, Total War, Batman, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Disney Marvel and DC. His TV credits include The Great British Sewing Bee, Big Fat Gypsy Weddings, The Repair Shop and many more. He’s also composed music for movies, video games, advertisements and even the classic Grand Valse Nokia ringtone!

Dream commission:
Ian loves romantic music that makes the listener really feel something, so his dream commission would be to score a love theme for a film.

Piano, keyboard, synthesiser, strings

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