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MediaTracks Vocal, your destination for unique and captivating choral and vocal arrangements!

Label Curator - Ben Parry

Our selection includes both celestial classical pieces and uplifting modern tracks, each one showcasing the incredible range and versatility of the human voice. Whether you're looking to be transported by the soaring harmonies of a classical choir or energized by the contemporary sounds of a modern vocal group, our collection has something for everyone.

At MediaTracks, we believe that the power of the human voice is truly unmatched, and we are dedicated to bringing you the very best in choral and vocal music. Our recordings are of the highest quality, ensuring that you can enjoy the full richness and depth of each performance.

So whether you're a connoisseur of choral music or simply appreciate the beauty of the human voice, we invite you to discover the magic of MediaTracks Vocal.

  • Vocal label featuring recordings by the prestigious London Voices choir
  • Ideal for thematic films, advertising, drama, and other creative projects
  • Range of genres, such as new arrangements of classical pieces, fusions with drum and bass, and more
  • Peaceful, ethereal, grand, and powerful
  • Allows clients to create emotionally captivating scenes that leave a lasting impression on their audiences

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