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MediaTracks Records

MediaTracks Records

MediaTracks Records, our showcase label for new and emerging talent. Our mission is to discover and promote the latest and greatest pop and indie sounds from around the world.

We have a keen ear for identifying the most promising up-and-coming artists and bringing their unique sounds to the forefront. With a passion for music and a commitment to supporting new talent, we work tirelessly to ensure that MediaTracks Records is always at the cutting edge of new musical trends.

At MediaTracks, we pride ourselves on our ability to nurture and develop artists from the ground up. We work closely with our roster of talented musicians to help them hone their craft, develop their sound, and build a loyal fanbase.

So come and discover the latest pop and indie sounds here at MediaTracks Records. We can't wait to share our passion for music with you.

  • Indie, pop and songwriter label for teen drama, advertising, branded content, and more
  • Variety of genres, including indie, rock, pop, punk, r&b, singer-songwriter, and others.
  • Emotional, powerful, young, and expressive
  • Perfect for clients looking to create compelling and impactful audiovisual experiences that resonate with their target audience

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