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MT Minnies

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MediaTracks Minnies

MT Minnies - a curated selection of albums designed with only children in mind. From babies and toddlers, right through to teens, we’ve got you covered with music that mixes playfulness and fun with intrigue and exploration.

Tracks inspired by the five labels of Heritage, Records, Vocal, Around The World and Electronic, MT Minnies provides music for all children’s genres but with that extra magical twist. Dive in to find the perfect track for your children’s next adventure!

  • Featuring music written for children's productions
  • Engaging, quirky, exciting, positive, and upbeat music
  • Perfect for children's TV shows, series, and films
  • Enhances the overall entertainment value of clients' productions and captivates young audiences.

The MT Minnies Collection

Featured MediaTracks Minnies Composers