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Kerry Beaumont

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Kerry’s journey into music started when he began cello and piano lessons at age eight, and by the time he was twelve he knew that music was what he wanted to do with his life. Kerry went into a career as a full time church musician where he directed music at three British cathedrals and taught music at schools.

Kerry first started exploring studio composition with the advent of the Moog and Roland synthesisers, as well as being inspired by the recordings of Wendy Carlos and Isoa Tomita. And from there, Kerry’s career in composition and production music took off and he now has over three hundred published tracks in multiple production libraries that have been produced at studios in Toronto, New York and the UK.

Kerry’s music is highly influenced by classical, acoustic and electronic elements, with an emphasis on orchestral instruments as well as the keyboard. Kerry’s interest in electronic music’s roots creates a unique sense of style that seamlessly blends with the more classical elements of his work. Finding joy in the challenge of discovering new techniques, Kerry is able to produce tracks that fit effortlessly in the parameters of a brief.

Influenced by nature and technology, Kerry’s work has been featured in films about national parks, BBC science programmes, and a Californian documentary about medical practices.

Dream commission:
Kerry is always looking for new challenges and would love to turn his hand at composing music for video games.

Piano, synthesisers, orchestral sample libraries, acoustic cello, flute, and organ, choral ensembles.

Techno, classical, intimate piano, pastoral