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Yasmine Latkowski (she/her)

What I like about working with MediaTracks is the opportunity to work with session musicians

Yasmine Latkowski (she/her) is a versatile composer and musician known for her diverse range of work spanning documentaries, TV, corporate films, short films, and games.

With a background in classical training and a keen interest in Middle Eastern and Balkan music, Yasmine's compositions blend traditional sounds with contemporary influences like Trap and Ska. Notable projects include BBC Africa Eye's 'Faith Under Fire,' where her music was lauded for its elevating impact.

Yasmine's career also features collaborations with esteemed musicians and bands, such as the all-female Arabic-influenced ensemble Taqsim. She actively engages in the North West of England's cultural scene, working with organizations like National Theatre Wales and Liverpool Arab Arts Festival. Yasmine is a member of BAFTA Connect, contributing to the gaming industry through Game Jams and Welsh-funded games.

Beyond her musical endeavours, Yasmine enjoys Arabic dance, language lessons, and participating in open mic events. Her commitment to cultural exploration and community engagement is evident in her collaborations with organizations like National Theatre Wales, Liverpool Arab Arts Festival, and 73 Degree Films, where she brings her music to diverse audiences in the North West of England. As a member of BAFTA Connect, Yasmine actively contributes to the gaming industry, participating in Game Jams and creating music for Welsh-funded games.

Credits: BBC AFRICA EYE, United Nations, Panorama, Vice Media Group, Assassins Creed, National Theatre Wales, and her own performance project funded by Arts Council Wales

Dream commission: A commission for Real World Records

Instruments: ney, bagpipes, kamanche, darbuka, oud, violin, frame drums (all live)

Genres: Arabic / World / Celtic folk

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