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Iain Farrington

MediaTracks gives me the freedom to make music that I enjoy writing and playing

Iain Farrington is a remarkable musician whose career spans the realms of pianist, organist, composer, and arranger. With a commitment to bringing good music to a wide audience, Iain's multifaceted work showcases his versatility and unique approach, blending popular and jazz elements into the traditional Classical repertoire. His compositions range from virtuosic pieces to beginner-friendly works, while his arrangements for chamber orchestras allow grand-scale compositions to be presented on a more accessible level. What sets Iain apart is his ability to traverse genres, exploring jazz, pop, opera, klezmer, and world music.

Throughout his illustrious career, Iain Farrington has left an indelible mark on the music world. His commissioned work for the Coronation of King Charles III, titled "Voices of the World," showcased his ability to weave together traditional melodies from Commonwealth countries, infusing them with a joyous, jazzy, and dance-like character. His Art Deco Trio recently released the highly acclaimed album "Classical Changes," featuring jazz-inspired arrangements of classical favourites alongside sea shanties and African-American spirituals.

Iain's ongoing projects demonstrate his unwavering dedication to his craft. From arranging songs for the Horrible Histories Prom with English National Opera to composing a song and an orchestral medley for the CBeebies Prom, he continuously seeks new avenues for musical expression. Notably, his orchestral work "A Party with Auntie" celebrated the centenary of the BBC at the Last Night of the Proms, incorporating numerous BBC TV and radio theme tunes.

From an early age, Iain's passion for music ignited, with the piano becoming his instrument of choice. He embraced a diverse range of styles, enjoying the flexibility and richness that music had to offer. This wide-ranging musical interest laid the foundation for his career, eventually leading him to explore the world of production music.

Writing production music holds a special interest for Iain. It provides him with the opportunity to create music that possesses immediate appeal while retaining a sophisticated quality. This balance between accessibility and artistic integrity drives his compositions and allows him to captivate a broader audience.

MediaTracks became a perfect fit for Iain’s production music work. With a rich history of recording and composing in various genres, Iain found that his talents aligned perfectly with the company's vision. The collaboration offered him the freedom to pursue his musical passions and create music that resonated deeply with his personal artistic sensibilities.

Beyond his musical pursuits, Iain enjoys spending time in the countryside, indulging in long walks to rejuvenate his creativity. It is within these moments of tranquillity that he finds inspiration for his compositions and arrangements.


Numerous orchestral works for the BBC Proms over several years. Many broadcasts on BBC Radio 2 and 3. An organ piece for the Coronation in 2023. A school’s opera for English Touring Opera. The soundtrack to the Horrible Histories Movie. The score to Peppa Pig: My First Concert live show.

Dream commission:

A full-scale opera




Classical and jazz