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Sarah Louise Harris (she/her)

I'm excited to work with MediaTracks as I've heard nothing but great things about the label and their impressive calibre of clients.

Sarah Louise Harris is a professional singer and artist currently residing in West Devon, UK. Her passion for music began at a young age, with her mother's love of Pop/Dance music and her father's eclectic taste in rock and metal.

Her grandfather, a Jazz enthusiast, would play Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday, which left a lasting impression on Sarah. As an aspiring singer himself, Sarah believes her grandfather knew she would follow in his footsteps.

At the age of 10, Sarah started writing music by borrowing her friend's keyboard and downloading a free version of Fruity Loops. She became obsessed with the process of creating something unique by mashing together different sounds and drum loops. By the age of 18, she had amassed a catalogue of Dance Tunes and Vocal Hooks. Sarah went on to study a BA Honours Degree at BIMM, which gave her all the tools she needed to become a session singer and make her dream a reality.

Sarah's powerful voice is a blend of Jeff Buckley and Amy Winehouse, and she feels most at home performing Pop, soul, and Jazz tracks. Her influences include Etta James, The Beatles, and Chet Baker. However, she is a versatile musician and can adapt her craft to meet the situation at hand. Sarah has worked with nationally recognized groups such as Urban Voices Collective, The Dap Kings, and Lloyd Grossman's band The New Forbidden. She has performed at London's Excel hosted by James Cordon and in recording sessions with renowned artists like Amy Winehouse and Sharon Jones.

Sarah's love for music is pure magic, unpredictable, and exciting. She finds joy in the process of writing and producing her own music, drawing inspiration from autobiographical experiences, songs on the radio, and old 70's Vinyl. When she's not in the studio, Sarah enjoys going for long walks in the countryside, cooking, practicing yoga and meditation, and reading books by the fire while sipping herbal tea. Her music is a reflection of her soul, and she believes that a songwriter's music is a key to their essence. Sarah hopes that through her music, people can get to know her and feel a little closer to the magic she creates.

Sarah released an original dance track in 2016 which was played on BBC Introducing Nottingham, but since then have been focused on refining their skills as a Topline Writer and Library Music Writer, resulting in much of her music being unreleased.



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