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Consuelo Cordey (she/her)

Consuelo Cordey (she/her)

Consuelo Cordey (she/her)

Consuelo Cordey (she/her)


Consuelo Cordey (she/her)

I choose my business partners very carefully and appreciate how MediaTracks strives to champion diversity.

Consuelo Cordey's musical journey began at the age of two with a Farfisa keyboard. Her early fascination with music was nurtured through formal piano lessons, where she delved into classical and film music, shaping her distinctive sound. After earning a Bachelor's degree in Popular Music & Recording in 2002, Consuelo continued to explore diverse musical traditions, taking singing lessons and writing original pop songs, which solidified her calling in music.

In 2006, she embarked on a solo career in Cornwall, recording her first acoustic, piano-driven EP "Bittersweet." Financial challenges led her to Dorset in 2007, where she continued promoting her music and released "EP2." In 2011, her song "Almost Isn't Good Enough" received fuller production and aired on BBC Introducing South West.

By 2014, Consuelo shifted her focus from touring to songwriting and producing for other artists and sync projects. This expanded her repertoire and deepened her expertise. In 2021, she released a pop Christmas single, "Santa Are You Almost on Your Way," which gained airplay on various radio stations, including BBC Introducing South West. In 2022, she received the Covid-19 Composer Award by Sound and Music, and in 2023, she created a multi-genre Christmas album funded by Help Musicians.

Consuelo's journey from Milan to the UK reflects her resilience, creativity, and dedication to music. Attending the 2023 Songwriting & Production camp by MediaTracks marked her entry into production music, demonstrating her commitment to professional growth and diversity.


New to the industry, but she is hopeful that tracks written at the 2023 Songwriting & Production camp will be published, providing her a chance to secure a sync deal.

Dream commission: A Sidney movie.

Instruments: Piano via MIDI; orchestral library of sounds. She uses EZ Drums to program drums and, when possible, hires musicians (typically guest vocalists, guitarists, bassists, and sometimes brass).

Genres: Pop, piano only

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