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MT Electronic

Road to Oblivion

Listen to a track selection full of dark and dirty cinematic electronic ideal for Thriller, Crime, Sci-Fi, Drama and Trailers… This album will transport you into a dynamic, distorted and dystopian world…

MT Heritage

Rock n' Pop

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MT Heritage


Composed by Harry Perry - Listen to powerful and uplifting indie-rock instrumentals... Featuring electric guitar and rocking beats, this album will transport you to a youthful, uplifting and powerful state of mind; the perfect soundtrack for teen soaps, coming of age movies and family dramedies...

MT Heritage

Romantic Bossa

Composed by Jeff Lardner, Mark Allaway & Michael Eaves - Listen to an album full of romantic Latin tracks and picture yourself relaxing on the beach by the sea... This seductive album will captivate you as it transports you all the way to beautiful Brazil, surrounded by blue ocean, golden sand and your lover... Fall into the most romantic holiday romance whilst listening to this album.

MT Heritage

Royal Occasions

Composed by Alec Makinson - Listen to beautiful, cinematic, orchestral tracks which transport you to the inside of a royal palace... Featuring gliding strings and magical percussion, this album will bring royalty and aristocracy right to your surroundings; being the perfect sound-score for period dramas and royal occasions.

MT Heritage

Saxy Vibes

Composed by Andy Hamilton - Listen to an album full of funky grooves with positive atmospheres... Featuring killer sax solos, funky synths and infectious rhythms, these tracks are perfect for a late night groove.

MT Electronic

Slap House Hitters

Composed by Andrew Potterton - Listen to an album full of mainroom club and festival tracks. Featuring huge beats, synths and basslines with euphoric breakdowns for hands in the air moments… These EDM tracks are THE club anthems for this summer!

MT Heritage

Southern Rock

Composed by Andy Prentice - Listen to an album featuring modern guitar-based Southern Rock instrumentals… Including country, blues and Americana influences; this album comes filled with plenty of attitude for drama, documentary, lifestyle and advertisement.

MT Heritage

Space Matrix

Composed and performed by Kerry Beaumont. This album features acoustic and electronic instruments with pipe organ, all inspired by the soundtrack from the film, Interstellar.

MT Heritage

Space Time

Composed by Kerry Beaumont - Acoustic and electronic instruments with pipe organ, inspired by soundtrack from the film Interstellar.


SpaceForAll - What we do...

MediaTracks aims to change the way we consume and listen to music by focusing on the people behind the music (the composers), and to link the composers to the consumer - no matter who or where they are. We have a vision where our music is innovative, creative and of the highest quality written, performed by outstanding musicians for music-lovers, diverse and multigenerational audiences, filmmakers, but most importantly, for people who love and appreciate great music. Promo music - Poor Boy by Margo on MT Records

MT Heritage

Stories of Life

Composed by new MT Apprentice, Pip Heywood. Enjoy an album full of cinematic piano and string-based underscores, with underlying synth textures. This track selection creating neutral tone for documentary, human stories and passing of time.

MT Heritage

Tales Of The Heart

Composed by Andy Prentice - Enjoy a relaxed and emotional track selection… Featuring acoustic driven guitar, piano and percussion; this album explores the emotions of love, creating warm and comforting feelings. Part of the ONE STOP SHOP series - A collection of albums designed to reflect the bespoke service of a composer. Track’s that reflect the context, mood and instrumental palette of your project, covering the whole spectrum of emotions.

MT Records

The Lo-Fi Philharmonic

Marlowe - Artist - Strings and brass take centre stage against a lo-fi indie backdrop, what more could you want?!… This alternative album being the perfect soundtrack for teen dramas, nostalgic moments and adverts.

MT Heritage

Trapped Nightmare

Composed by Zamoth Oyorra, Max Bronco & Molly Jackson - Be enthralled by an ambient, minimalistic and spine chilling album that will take you to hell and back... Featuring eerie open synths, dystopian drones and supernatural sounds, this album captivates the sinister nature of being trapped in a nightmare.

MT Heritage

Traveling the Countryside

Composed by Randy McGravey Listen to easy-going acoustic music featuring guitar, ukulele, banjo and mandolin... Be transported into an idyllic car journey, windows down and the wind blowing through your hair whilst listening to this album, perfect for those movie scene moments.

MT World

Turkish Dreams

Turkish Dreams and album by Alex Bazanis is a traditional Turkish album drawn from all Anatolia regions. Perfect for travel drama or documentary.

MT Heritage

Twisted Matter

Composed by Alastair McNamara - Twisted Matter is an Electronic, Orchestral Hybrid Album with twisted synth textures and epic orchestral themes for Film, TV and Games. Be transported into a chaotic whirl-wind of emotions whilst lilting to these tense tracks... Part of the ONE STOP SHOP series - A collection of albums designed to reflect the bespoke service of a composer. Track’s that reflect the context, mood and instrumental palette of your project, covering the whole spectrum of emotions.

MT Heritage

Under the radar

Composed by Helen Lyon - An album perfect for any drama or documentary mystery. Tracks for investigation, crime or mischievous undercover.

MT Electronic

Urban Symphonix

Listen to grimy modern beats with an orchestral twist for Adverts, Drama, Documentaries & Animation… Bringing trap to new heights, this album will instantly energise your mood!

MT Heritage


Composed by Mark Allaway & Jeff Lardner - Enjoy an album full of warm, soothing vibraphone underscores... Rest your mind and let go of all your stress and troubles whilst listening to this tranquil album. Let your body and mind take a break from those daily anxieties and absorb these soothing sounds; this album being perfect company for meditation and relaxation.

MT Vocal

Vocal Dramas

Enjoy an album of live vocal, acapella tracks ranging from minimalist and staccato to soaring and legato. An album perfect for drama, documentary, animation and advertising.

MT Heritage

What the hell do you call this?

Enjoy soulful vocals combining with a mix of funk grooves, Latin Rhythms and pulsating electronic, and beautiful contemporary soundscapes. An enticing combination of great songs and finger snapping beats, perfect for those groovy moments!

MT Heritage

Wickedly Quirky

Composed by MT 2022 Apprentice, Pip Heywood (He/Him) - Enjoy an album full of quirky, dramedy inspired tracks with a sense of tension and running out of time… Featuring pizzicato strings, toy percussion and playful piano this album is the perfect sound score for dramedy's, adverts and quirky tv!

MT Heritage


Relax and unwind to Wilderness, and album by Andy Prentice (he/him). Simple, beautiful tracks with acoustic guitar, keys and percussion, perfect for lazy days.

MT Heritage

Withering Lights

MML251 Withering Lights Composed by Cevin Kehm - Enjoy a riveting selection of dark, ambient, cinematic and intense tracks... This album will create a spine-chilling atmosphere where you can imagine your worst nightmare, dystopian lands and horror scenes.

MT World

World Signals

Contemporary global moods and atmospheres fill World Signals by Robin Pinkey and Colin Riley with tension and reflection in equal measure. There is also a night-time vibe to many of the tracks.