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MT Artist - Andrew Potterton

Channel 4 - Inclusion Festival - Altogether Different

Channel 4 - Inclusion Festival - Altogether Different

Channel 4's 2022 Inclusion Festival

Channel 4's 2022 Inclusion Festival gathered the British TV industry for a day of insights, ideas and lessons learned, to inspire collaboration in broadcast and digital media and accelerate the conversation around inclusion and diversity.

There was the the opportunity to hear from decision makers, on and off-screen talent, inspiring voices and game changers from across the industry.

Channel 4 Altogether Different Case Study 2021

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Artist - Andrew Potterton

Andrew’s musical output is wide-ranging, including electro-acoustic compositions, modern classical pieces, soundtracks, electronic pop and dance music. He was drawn to writing media production music because of his love of telling stories through music. Over the last ten years, he’s written music for TV, film, theatre productions, dance performances, art installations and computer games. He’s been working with MediaTracks since 2021, and we’re looking forward to seeing his music bring a wide range of projects to life!

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