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Channel 4 - Come Dine with Me

In order to become the perfect dinner party host, each participant takes turn during the week to cook and entertain the rest. The rivals, meanwhile, snoop around the house and award points in the end.

The show features five amateur chefs who live in the same town or area, who each host a three-course dinner party for the other contestants at their own home. Each competitor then rates the host's food and hosting skills during the taxi journey home, with the highest-scoring chef winning £1,000 cash. The show often features guests with clashing personalities.

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Composer - Marcel Pusey

With a wealth of experience and unrivalled networks, Marcel Pusey is driving innovation right across the music industry.

Marcel also writes and performs with his band, Bassistry, and composes for libraries. His first encounter with library music came when he was approached about adapting material from Bassistry’s second album, In Time. Since then, he’s been commissioned to compose music for children’s television series for the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, as well as multimedia and video games. He works closely with a group of musicians in his network, including Ivor Novella winner Cassell the Beatmaker (drummer of The Streets) and Eric Appapoulay (guitarist with Cat Stevens)

As well as joining us as a composer, Marcel is also Curator for MediaTracks World.

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Composer - Andy Hamilton

Alongside his career as a performer, Andy has always spent just as much time composing his own music, and when he isn’t on tour he devotes his time to writing. He enjoys both aspects of his career in equal measure, finding the mix of performance and composition very fulfilling and rewarding. Over the years, he’s had over 150 pieces of music published, with credits on everything from Oprah to the Big Bang Theory and much more besides. He also has a songwriting partnership with percussionist Lily Gonzalez.

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