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CBeebies - Teeny Tiny Creatures

Teeny Tiny Creatures sees animal experts help children understand the tiniest creatures.

Teeny Tiny Creatures features on CBeebies, a British free-to-air public broadcast children's television channel owned and operated by the BBC. It is also the brand used for all BBC content for children aged 6 years and under.

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Martin Abbott

Martin and Judith have been writing for MediaTracks since the company first began. Partners in life as well as in music, they’ve been writing and producing songs together since 1985. They currently have over 200 songs with MediaTracks!

Judith’s career in music began when she started a folk band at 18 and began to write her own material. Meanwhile, Martin was Director of a commercial production company where he wrote, produced and recorded music. Their joint expertise and experience resulted in them creating a hugely successful music production business, writing and producing music for media from their own studio at home.

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