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Kycker is a brilliant, unique, and exciting online platform designed to help artists grow their own careers. After years of running a record label, the team behind Kycker noticed that there are so many quick and easy solutions to problems that artists face on a day to day basis, so Kycker was made to give artists the tools and knowledge they need to make a career in music. Kycker offers artists ways to earn money from their music, along with exclusive industry information, unheard of by most artists. MediaTracks clearly has a similar philosophy to Kycker. Kycker artists are given access to the MediaTracks educational programmes and the Apprentice Scheme. Kycker also distribute all of MediaTracks albums to 100+ online streaming platforms.

We also have access to a detailed and complete analytics system that facilitates finding the right audiences for our composers and tracks. This partnership opens a world of opportunities to all Kycker artists and composers who might be interested in the production music industry, especially younger artists who can benefit from our growth and development programs such as the MT Apprentice Scheme. In MediaTracks, we believe in the power of collaboration as a tool for building an inclusive and fairer music industry, and we are excited to welcome Kycker on this journey.