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MT Apprentices

MT Apprentices

MT Apprentice Scheme

We are taking a brief pause in the Apprentice Scheme. However other opportunities are available to new writers. Check out our blog and partnership pages for more information.

The MT Apprentice Scheme provided an invaluable opportunity for new composers to develop their skills and careers in the music production industry. Here's what was included:

- One-Year Mentorship: Each new composer was assigned a mentor with extensive experience in composition and the music industry.
- 1-2-1 Sessions: The mentorship included three one-on-one sessions where composers received guidance on composition, business development, marketing, and writing to briefs.

Educational Resources:
- Seminars and Workshops on key topics such as:
- Why Production Music?
- Writing to Briefs
- Mixing and Mastering
- Basics of Copyright Law
- Contracts
- Metadata
- Promotion

Practical Experience:
- Album Creation: Apprentices were expected to collaborate with us to write a minimum of one album consisting of 5-6 tracks. This album would be exclusively for MediaTracks use and distribution.
- Royalty Administration: If the album met our standards, MediaTracks would register it with the PRS and manage royalty payments.

Promotion and Exposure:
- Profile Development: Each new composer/artist received a professional profile, including biography writing and a showcase page on the MediaTracks website.
- Album and Artist Promotion: MediaTracks committed to promoting the album and artist via social media and our sub-publishers, actively seeking music placements.
- Industry Outreach: We also endeavoured to promote the music to the wider music industry, including radio stations, review sites, and sync managers.

This comprehensive programme was designed to equip new writers with the skills, knowledge, and exposure necessary to succeed in the competitive music production industry.

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