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MediaTracks Anti Generative AI Policy

At MediaTracks Music, we understand the artistry and creativity that goes into original music creation. We are staunch advocates for the rights of composers and musicians, ensuring their work is respected and protected.

This policy sets out our commitment to maintaining the integrity of music creation by prohibiting the use of generative AI technologies in any form that could replicate, modify, or distribute the music we produce or license.

Our dedication to creativity, originality, and the intellectual property of our talented musicians is unwavering. Through this Anti-Generative AI Use Policy, we reinforce our pledge to champion the rights of composers, musicians, and all creative professionals integral to our business.

Prohibition of Generative AI Use:

  • Composers and musicians affiliated with MediaTracks Music are strictly prohibited from utilising generative AI technologies or tools to create, modify, or replicate music content produced, licensed, or distributed by MediaTracks Music.

Protection of Original Content:

  • We uphold the principle that all music emanating from MediaTracks Music must be original, crafted by human composers and musicians. Any attempt to use generative AI to mimic or imitate original compositions is expressly forbidden.

Transparency and Disclosure:

  • Should generative AI technologies be employed in any capacity during the production process of non-MediaTracks projects, employees must promptly disclose this information. This transparency safeguards our reputation and mitigates potential conflicts of interest.

Monitoring and Enforcement:

  • MediaTracks Music reserves the right to vigilantly monitor and audit music content to ensure strict adherence to this policy. Violations may lead to disciplinary actions, ranging from warnings to termination of employment or contract.

Education and Awareness:

  • In our commitment to fostering a culture of originality and respect for intellectual property, MediaTracks Music pledges to offer training and education. This initiative aims to enlighten our employees, composers, and partners about the significance of preserving originality in music creation and the inherent risks associated with generative AI technologies.