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Already have a blanket license?

Looking for music that's a perfect match to your project? Look no further than MediaTracks! Our tracks are pre-cleared for all media, worldwide in perpetuity, and are available to license via PRS for Music.

You can choose to license our music under a broadcaster blanket, an IPC agreement, or via the PRS Production Music rate card - whichever option ignites your passions.

Within the UK, all usage of our music including Television, Film, Radio, Advertising, Online or Non-broadcast Productions are licensed by MCPS Production Music - PRS for Music. Rate Card

MediaTracks Music catalogue is available through the broadcaster platforms.

Need help?

If you need any help, please contact us and we will promise to get back to you in 30 minutes (during business hours).

Outside of these times, we have compiled some straightforward answers to the frequently asked questions.

We hope this helps...