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Licensing & Help

All music available from MediaTracks Music is protected by international copyright laws and may not be used without the appropriate license. Applying for a license is simple and can be completed online using the Production Music License Manager. A license application must be made prior to any exploitation of the production.

Information including the Title, Composer, Publisher and Duration must be provided for each track used in a production. Performing Rights for the MediaTracks labels are licensed through PRS. An additional license is required for the broadcast or public performance of all our works, for more information please visit MCPS Production Music.

Easy step by step guide on applying for a music license.

We do not offer a subscription-based service, it’s a pay per track system.

Step 1
Click on MTMusic at the top of the page
Login/Register an account with us by clicking the icon in the top right screen, and then wait for an email from us. (This could be slightly longer when outside office hours)
Step 2

Search for the required music and download the desired track/tracks. You can also download different variations of the track, if necessary.
Step 3

Once you have what you require click add to basket and then checkout. You will be redirected to the MCPS website.
Step 4

On the PRS Music Licence Manager, select how you plan to use the track. Ensure the MediaTracks track has been selected in the ‘Music’ box.
Step 5

Click apply and enter your payment details.
Step 6

You will then receive an email from PRS with your Production Music Licence.
Step 7

Enjoy your new track!

Licensing Fees

Within the UK, all usage of our music including Television, Film, Radio, Advertising, Online or Non-broadcast Productions are licensed by MCPS Production Music - PRS for Music - LMGR

MediaTracks Music catalogue is available through the broadcaster platforms, I Like Music, Soundmouse, etc.

Worldwide Distribution



Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria

Schubert Music Library


Germany & Austria

Sonoton Music



Euromusic SRL



Flipper Music


Czech Republic & Slovakia

Studio Fontana


France, Luxembourg & Sacem Territories

Musique & Music



Stock Music


Sweden, Norway & Finland

AMG Scandinavia AB


Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia

UAB Prior Musica



CTM Production Music


Greece and Turkey

Musou Music Group



USA, Canada, Mexico, South America

5 Alarm Music




Choice Media Co., Ltd


South Korea

Modoofind Co., Ltd


Hong Kong & China

Noisy Neighbour



Harbor Corporation


India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Mauritius




Australia & New Zealand

Fable Music




Ostereo - DSP distribution

How do I sign up to MediaTracks?

To Log in / Register follow the link the right-hand corner of your screen. Type your email address and password and you’re off!

You will then receive an email from us, informing you that we are setting up your account. With a bit of luck, you will then receive another email giving you access to our thousands of amazing tracks!

How do I find the perfect tracks for my production?

Our search function in our catalogue allows you to refine your search depending on your own personal preferences. For example, if you wanted an Indie Pop track all you would have to do is search Indie and we would provide you with all our tags for Indie music. You can search music for different Genres, Keywords, Tempo, Instrumentation, and much more. You could get lost in our amazing catalogue for days! If you need a more personalised, bespoke service, then get in touch - [email protected]

How do I use the MediaTracks music search engine?

You can either use the extensive tab function on the left-hand side or you can try searching with keywords. If you know exactly what you want, just enter your keywords in the search bar. To narrow your search, try adding a musical genre (pop, classical, electro, hip-hop) to a mood (happy, chilled, triumphant).

Are there more versions of the main track?

Absolutely! The majority of our tracks have underscores or alternative versions. Some versions are very different to the originals, so it is worth listening to both the track and the underscore version. There are also shorter versions of the original track - usually a perfect 30 seconds long. If you're lucky, you may also find shorter versions (stings). We also have a huge catalogue of stems (the different sounds that form the track). Just get in touch and ask... [email protected]

How can I access stems?

We have a huge catalogue of stems (the different sounds that form the track). We have, however, chosen not to put the stems of their tracks online - there are just too many of them! If you need some for your productions and editing, please contact us. We are able to provide you with the necessary content. [email protected]

Why do we create our own playlists?

Because we are so proud of our music and we want to help you with your track choices. Each playlist is compiled by one of our expert music label advisors and provides you with a one-click access to a selection of the best titles of all our labels on the topic covered. If you would like help making your own playlist, then get in touch - [email protected]

How do we protect your personal information?

MediaTracks is committed to protecting the information that you provide us with.

You can find our privacy policy here.

If you would like to know more how your personal information is managed then get in touch - [email protected]

Golly... music licenses are a minefield! Where do I start?

For the United Kingdom, all usage of our music including Television, Film, Radio, Advertising, Online or Non-broadcast Productions is licensed by the PRS/MCPS - take a look on our licensing page for more information.

A valid licence must be obtained before the production is broadcast, distributed or exploited in any way. This can be obtained through MCPS Production Music who issue licences and invoices on our behalf.

If you haven’t used the site before you will need to create an account but this is a simple process.

For all licensing requsets outside of the UK, please check out our extensive list of sub publishers around the world.

Where is MediaTracks?

We are based in Ipswich, in the county of Suffolk, which is in the United Kingdom.

What styles of music do we release?

Good question! We have five specialist labels, and we are very proud of them!

MT Heritage
Classic Mediatracks content from the past 25 years. Tried and tested, timeless tracks.

MT Vocal
Unique choral and vocal arrangements, recorded by top quality choirs. Celestial classical or uplifting modern tracks.

MT World
Authentic music in traditional styles from across the globe. Engaging and immediate.

MT Records
Our showcase label for new and emerging talent. Discover the latest pop and indie sounds here.

MT Electronic
Pulsating beats and electronic soundscapes for the dance floor and beyond.

How many albums do we plan to release a year?

That's a tricky one... we aim for 50. But we are more interested in producing quality, musical recordings, rather than quantity.

Who are we?

Take a look on the Story page. You will find all of our smiley faces there!

Is our music available around the world?

Absolutely. Please see the licensing page for more info of our distribution network and links to our representation in countries around the world. Our music also goes straight to the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Sky, Netflix, Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music and MANY more!

What do I do if I am a composer and want to write for us?

At its core, MediaTracks is an elite team of some of the best production music composers from around the world. We are proud of our work and ensure that our standards are continually very high. We sometimes have the need to bring on additional composers. We are always open to hearing from a potential new talent.

If you feel you have what it takes to join our team of creative people, please do get in touch with us - [email protected]

New to the industry? We can help...

In recognition that the industry needs to do more to attract and support new talent, we have just launched a composer mentoring scheme. Here's what's on offer...

New composers will be assigned a mentor for a year. The mentor will have considerable compositional and music industry experience. Although they may not have similar musical tastes to you, such mentorship will include three 1-2-1 sessions where you will be given compositional guidance, business development, marketing programmes and how to write successfully to briefs

MediaTracks will register the album with the PRS and be responsible for administrating royalty payments

We will also engage the services of Polyphony Arts (our PR partner) to undertake a profile of each new composer/artist. This will include biography writing and a showcase page on the MediaTracks website

MediaTracks will commit to promoting the new composer / artist during the year via social media and via our sub-publishers, which will in turn, assist in actively seeking placement of composer’s music

The new Composers are expected to write, in consultation with MediaTracks, a minimum of 1 album of 5-6 tracks which will be exclusively for MediaTracks use and distribution.

MediaTracks will also endeavour to promote music to the wider music industry (radio / review sites / sync managers)

The new Composer will exclusively write for MT for a period of one year

If this sounds exciting, then get in touch - [email protected]