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MediaTracks Around The World

MediaTracks Around The World, your gateway to world authentic music! A carefully curated collection of traditional music from across the globe

Label Curator - Marcel Pusey

Our label showcases a diverse range of musical styles and genres, each one captivating and engaging in its own unique way. From the upbeat rhythms of African drumming to the haunting melodies of Middle Eastern folk music, our selection is sure to transport you to far-off lands and immerse you in the richness of different cultures.

At MediaTracks, we are passionate about bringing you the very best in traditional music, and we believe that the best way to experience it is through live performances. That's why we aim to provide an immediate and authentic experience through our recordings, giving you a taste of what it's like to be right there in the midst of the music.

  • Around The World music label providing authentic genres from composers around the globe
  • Genres include cumbia, flamenco, Andean music, bossa nova, afrobeat, highlife, shaabi, Turkish folk, among others.
  • Perfect for documentaries, world films, and TV shows based in different cultures
  • Offers a unique blend of traditional and contemporary sounds
  • Allows clients to create immersive and culturally rich experiences for their audiences

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