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Sonically Yours (he/him)

The team are easy people to connect with and talk to, and enthusiastic about trying new musical directions with MediaTracks!

Described by the likes of Rolling Stone Magazine as a creator of "instant earworm(s)", Sonically Yours compositions boast stylistic versatility that stems from decades of musical learning of Western contemporary music and his roots in Indian culture. His compositional styles vary from Indian influenced music to rock and funk and crossover styles

Growing up in a musically inclined family, Sonically Yours was exposed to great quality music from a young age, including Indian classical masterpieces and Indian folk music. He started playing the Tabla at the age of 8, later switching to the guitar after being influenced as a teenager by bands such as Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath. His connection with the guitar was intense and he has never looked back since!

Over the years he has performed in various club and festivals, released albums and EPs as an independent artist, done session work and arrangements for projects, and composed scores for short films, among other musical works. Sonically Yours body of work is vast and covers a wide range of musical styles that are a part of who he is musically.

What's most exciting about production music for Sonically Yours is the imaginative quality to visuals that he must think of - this is something quite different to writing songs as an artist meant only for sonic appeal. Sonically Yours was interested in MediaTracks after meeting William (Creative Director) at a conference and noticing MediaTrack’s artist driven approach. About this experience, he says: “there's a certain relationship between a composer and a publisher that needs cultivation, and not all publishers are as forward thinking about this relationship.”

When he is not doing something music related, you will find him relaxing either with a Tintin comic or a high fantasy novel, with his cat Miles sitting next to him. Sonically Yours also enjoys exploring the mountains in the Himalayas and tries to do this as much as possible.


Sonically Yours has been credited on shows playing on OTT platforms such as Disney+Hotstar, his music has been featured by publications such as All About Jazz, Rock Street Journal, Rolling Stone Magazine, etc.

Here is a quote from the Vogue magazine that he really, really likes:

"[Sonically Yours music] makes you want to get out your smoothest single malt in the middle of the day and watch the sun fade out." - VOGUE MAGAZINE

Dream commission:

A Marvel series but with acoustic, non-orchestral instruments.


Acoustic guitar, baritone acoustic guitar, electric guitar, tabla, flute, Indian bansuri, sitar, strings, upright bass/ double bass, horn sections, voice - most of these recorded live!

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