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In today's climate it is really wonderful to have help in positioning or placing what we create

Robert’s journey into music began around the age of five. One day he was listening to Holst's, 'The Planets’ on headphones after school. At one point he became so overwhelmed by the music that the moment remains powerful even all these years later, and it instilled a desire in him to reproduce this experience for others.

Robert began learning the piano, and this inspired him to write music even more as he experimented with the instrument. During this time, his parents bought the family's first computer in order to record his improvisations. However, this allowed for a thrilling development for Robert: now it wasn't only how notes were combined or how something was played that could be explored, but the core aspects of sounds themselves.

Whilst Robert was at school, he had the opportunity to get involved in production work for Grace Jones’ Hurricane album. This then led Robert to score the Oscar award winning documentary Taxi to the Dark Side with Ivor Guest at the age of just nineteen. Robert’s career took off from there. Robert loves to write music that evokes a strong sense of place, that is atmospheric in nature and has surprising narrative twists and turns.

Robert describes marrying music with film as a magical and endlessly addictive experience. Robert uses unique combinations of sounds to create rich, moving soundscapes through his classical and experimental/electronic influences. He grew up listening to romantic and 20th century classical music, and in his early teens electronic music, and now in his writing he aims to straddle between these worlds. When not making music, Robert explores his interest in insects, religion, and weird industrial landscapes. One thing he would love to achieve is to have one of his industry-inspired pieces played in a huge, fearsome power station, on a colossal set of speakers.


Robert’s work has been featured in many documentaries, such as Taxi To The Darkside, Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God, God Knows Where I Am and HBO's Agents of Chaos, just to name a few. Robert has created sound design and music for various TV adverts, short films, animations, apps (i.e. the Soultime Meditation App). He has released six studio albums & created library music for BMG. He has had tracks from solo albums synced to BBC and Channel 4 dramas (e.g. Top Boy and Glasgow Girls).

Dream commission:

Robert’s dream commission would be to do the music for a larger-budget sci-fi movie like Bladerunner 2049, or a Japanese animation classic like Akira


Piano, synthesisers, orchestra, electronic gadgets, field recordings, computer software.

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