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Hayley Cramer (she/her)

Hayley Cramer (she/her)

Hayley Cramer (she/her)

Hayley Cramer (she/her)


Hayley Cramer (she/her) aka Drum Audio

I have really enjoyed the encouragement and communication from the MediaTracks team!

Hayley Cramer's journey in music started with the drum kit and piano, leading her to a vibrant career spanning over 20 years. Her drum kit playing has taken her around the globe, crossing multiple genres and enriching her with diverse cultural experiences. Discovering the joy of music and touring at a young age has been a true blessing for her.

What excites Hayley about writing production music is the creative freedom it offers. She loves to break away from conventional structures, instead crafting pieces driven by atmosphere and vibe. After attending a production music course run by MediaTracks, Hayley began collaborating with them, providing music tailored to their needs and library. She deeply appreciates the support and communication from William and Maria at MediaTracks.

Besides music, Hayley has developed a passion for food, a love she cultivated while touring the world. She enjoys exploring new eateries and experimenting in her own kitchen, finding it a rewarding way to relax and unwind from her musical endeavours.


Drums on the current Prince of Persia gaming soundtrack and two percussion albums on the British Airways and Aer Lingus in-flight entertainment.

Dream commission:

A Fantasy movie film score.


Drum Kit, Orchestral Percussion, Latin Percussion, Alternative percussion (e.g. body percussion/trash cans), Tuned percussion, Piano, Keyboards, Synths, Acoustic Guitar. (All recorded live!)


Emotive Soundscapes, Percussion, Drums, Piano.

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