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David Saldarriaga

I liked working with MediaTracks from the start. They have always been friendly and supportive.

David is a media composer from Colombia. He started his career by writing music for short films, where he discovered his unique voice. Some of those short films have travelled around the world, being selected in some of the world's most important film festivals. David has continued to work in film and video games ever since.

David started playing guitar at age 12 to help a friend perform a song at his sister's wedding. Little did he know, this would start a lifelong journey in the music world. Eventually, David started writing his own songs and he realised that he could study to become a composer. He studied music composition at the Javeriana University in Colombia, where he had the chance to write the music of a short film – this was the exact moment in which David found his career path! After graduating, he started working in all kinds of films.

In 2021, David relocated to Toronto, Canada, where he got contacted by MediaTracks with an opportunity to write a short MT World album. He immediately went for it and has loved it so far. David says that he loves the freedom of writing music for a library without having to limit himself due to particular considerations of film. David’s music has all the mysticism hidden in the ancient Latin American mountains, the joy and fun of Latin American people, and the passion of the Latin heart. He makes sure to take you, as a listener, through a journey of beautiful landscapes and a variety of emotions.

Outside of his life as a composer, David likes video games, tacos and pasta (who doesn’t?!)


David has been nominated for Best Original music in a handful of film festivals, and won the Best Original Music Award in the FastNet film festival in 2016. He has also won second prize in the Bogota's Philharmonic Orchestra award. His work has been credited in many short films and couple of feature films: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm58...

Dream commission:

David would love to write the music for an AA indie game that has beautiful art.


Charango (live), Tambora (Sampled), Marimba (Sampled), Strings (Sampled), Guitar (Live), Synths (live and not)

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