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Benoît Dobbelstein (he/him)

MediaTracks have a great artist-centered philosophy. It's almost too good to be true! Also, the great email contact and general ease of communication.

He started by learning music from an early age at the academy, enjoying flute and piano lessons. Later, during his teen years, he got obsessed with electronic music and soon started playing in bands and performing his first compositions.

Benoît always wanted to write professionally for advertising, going from one local radio station to the next to offer his writing services - until one day he finally did. As a user of production music himself (since the late 90's), the interest in writing it came naturally.

Benoît points out that production music brings freedom of creation, which is almost liberating. No genre stays untouched: every possible cross-over is welcomed and encouraged. Collaborations are plenty, national as well as international, and every project brings a fresh batch of enriching human encounters. He also says that making a living from music without any touring or fame has its appeal.

Outside of his life as a composer, Benoît is a keen gardener and loves to travel. Human history and geology always get his attention.


Benoît did two compositions to replace the (back then) unclearable music on a Spiderman theatrical trailer and the first Tintin trailer. The later had to be approved by Peter Jackson himself (and he did!).

Dream commission:

An animated series. Benoît would love to go all-in writing and orchestrating funny music.


Guitar (live), Bass (live), Drums (live), Piano, Strings, Vintage Synths

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