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Aira Olyx (she/her)

I feel my ethos in making the music industry a more inclusive space aligns with that of MediaTracks which is important to me in choosing the people I work with.

Aira Olyx (she/her), based in Australia, is a multifaceted artist and producer known for seamlessly blending R&B, experimental, and ambient tones to create a captivating soundscape.

Her musical journey traces back to accompanying her grandmother to classical Indian Carnatic singing classes at the age of five, instilling early influences that continue to shape her music today with the incorporation of microtonal vocal melodies.

Driven by a passion for inspiring underrepresented producers and composers in the industry, Aira Olyx is a vocal advocate for diversity and inclusivity. Currently residing on the Gold Coast but developed in Melbourne's west, she brings a unique perspective to her craft.

In addition to her commercial music pursuits, Aira Olyx found her way into production music as a means of expanding her creative horizons and exploring new forms of expression. She appreciates the unique creativity that writing production music allows, fostering continual experimentation.

Aira Olyx's alignment with the ethos of inclusivity drew her to MediaTracks, recognizing the company's commitment to empowering marginalized communities in the production music space. The collaboration with MediaTracks resonates with her goal of making the music industry a more inclusive space.

Credits: Not yet but hopefully to come!

Dream commission: Moody ambient music

Instruments: Vocals, programmed synths, programmed drums and percussion

Genres: Ambient, chill, vocals

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