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Jacob C. Deas

Jacob C. Deas

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Jacob C. Deas

I love working with MediaTracks as they give the opportunity to work on what you are good at with fast and succinct feedback.

He learnt to play guitar at a young age and went on to study music at university. After graduating, he performed solo concerts on the guitar, as well as engineering and producing recordings for other musicians.

He has always had a keen interest in music technology, as well as the performing. Gradually, these two different areas of music came together and he began to compose production music.

To date, he has worked with several libraries, alongside working on sound design and music for custom projects.

Production music allows him the freedom of being able to jump between genres and styles, imagining where and how different music can and will be used.


The album, The Shadows Beneath, which will be released eminently with MediaTracks, is a 10 track album of mysterious, tense, percussion-driven music. Aimed at being used for Crime, Thriller, Horror and all things mysterious and tense!

Dream commission:

If there was ever a remake of Tarkovsky’s Stalker………


Percussion, strings, electronics.

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