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Grant Ransom’s journey into music reads like a storybook. When he was young and starting to navigate his way through the myriad of bands and artists out there, he met a library composer who needed someone to fill in as a session guitarist and help him compose. Grant jumped at the chance to turn his hand to composing and has worked with this same composer ever since on both collaborations and solo albums.

Grant started out writing mainly blues and rock music, but as his skills developed he found himself exploring the world of pop music. As his career as a musician, producer and composer has grown, Grant has had the pleasure of working with some fantastic artists as well as travelling all over the world to work on these projects. Grant started recording and composing with Julian Lennon as well as travelling to Monaco to work with U2 as their engineer and producer. Currently living in Europe, Grant works on projects with artists and producers including James Sanger, David Noakes and Tim Ellis.

Grant enjoys production music as he feels a certain kind of freedom when he works on a brief, as well as constantly learning and developing his process and how he approaches different styles. Production music has allowed Grant to go back to his roots and explore raw, grandiose rock with a humorous edge.

When not working on music, Grant loves to read as well as ramble in the countryside. He also occasionally enjoys building effects units.

Grant has recorded for U2, Julian Lennon, Matt Backer, Dee C Lee, David Noakes, James Sanger. His work has been published by Sony BMG, Universal, Warner, EMI.

Dream commission:
Any commission would be Grant’s dream commission, he is already living out his dream working in music!

Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar, Electric bass, programmed synths, drums and effects.

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