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Chris Chambers

The quality of MediaTracks’ music is second to none, and the relationship with the composers/artists is excellent.

Chris Chambers stands out as a multi-instrumentalist with an eclectic mix of influences, drawing from genres like hip-hop, soul, reggae, and jazz. Imbuing each composition with a unique essence, Chambers masterfully captures attention through the fusion of his expansive musical knowledge and a touch of his distinct flair.

Chambers' musical journey began as a hip-hop turntablist in his late teens, leading him to the role of a music producer. His diverse accomplishments include competing as a finalist at Telegraph DJ ’03 and ’04, co-producing for French rapper Hippocampe Fou, and releasing an artist album under the alias Lindo Man. Over time, he further expanded his skill set by mastering instruments like the piano, guitar, and trumpet. His background in filmmaking and custom scoring for British network television naturally ushered him into the world of production music, finding a rewarding alliance with MediaTracks.

Outside the rhythm and beats, Chambers is deeply invested in martial arts, cooking, and learning new languages. Yet, music remains the unwavering center of his universe, defining both his work and leisure.


As a composer:
Peggy Pictures / BBC - ‘The Mormons Are Coming’ 2023
Blakeway North / Channel 4 - ‘Killed by a Rich Kid’ 2022
Hatchling Films / Channel 4 - ‘Death on the Common: My Mother's Murder' 2021

As an artist/producer/remixer:
Lindo Man - 'Lingua Franca' - Jalapeno Records 2016
Hippocampe Fou - 'Aquatrip' - 30 Février 2013
Son of Kick - 'Revolution C' (Mr MaDJestyk Remix) - Way Way 2010

Dream commission: Scoring a film for a British legend such as Ken Loach or Mike Leigh. Or someone from the other side of the Atlantic, such as Alejandro G Iñárritu.

Instruments: Piano, guitar, bass, trumpet, flute, sax, cello, synths, drums, percussion, and vocals – live. Piano (library) and drums (samples).

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