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Nina Sundstrom

MediaTracks are great, they make everything as easy as possible for me!

Nina's musical journey is a tale of passion rediscovered; having grown up singing in choirs and crafting her own music, she initially set aside her love for music to delve into the world of neuroscience research.

However, the call of music was persistent, leading her to embrace her true calling as a songwriter and producer. This shift marked the beginning of an exciting chapter where she collaborated with renowned artists such as Danny O’Donoghue, Jamie Lawson, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, and more, contributing to projects like the music for Eau de Rochas's luxury perfume campaigns in 2022 and 2023.

What Nina finds most exhilarating about writing production music is the autonomy and creative control it offers. She enjoys the collaborative essence of working with artists and thrives on the challenge of crafting music that not only stands out but also complements visual media. Her journey into the world of production music began with Music Production for Women, leading her to MediaTracks through a competition that sought to encourage more women in the field. Her experience with MediaTracks has been immensely positive, appreciating the ease and support they bring to her creative process.

Outside the studio, Nina leads a life full of energy and creativity. An enthusiast of running and staying active, she also delves into the tranquil world of crochet, currently working on a unique pair of dungarees. Nina Sundstrom's career is a vibrant mosaic of musical talent, scientific curiosity, and creative expression, making her a fascinating and multi-dimensional figure in the music production landscape.


Nina sang and composed the music for the Eau de Rochas 2022 and Rochas Girl Life 2023 international advert campaigns.

Dream commission:

She would love to compose music to feature in a Scandi noir!


live vocals, drums, synth bass, live guitars