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Philip Smith (he/him)

I like the personal approach - I find this very encouraging to the composer who is often working in isolation

Philip Smith's musical journey began in the heart of Yorkshire's brass band culture, igniting a lifelong passion for composition and performance.

With a diverse background in classical training and teaching, Philip's creative spark was kindled during his time in Kuwait, where he discovered his talent for crafting ambient music for animation. Today, Philip specializes in composing neo-classical and historical period pieces, infusing his compositions with elements of orchestral ambient, minimalist, jazz, and Celtic influences. His work is characterized by a desire to create immersive musical atmospheres that enhance cinematic storytelling without overshadowing it.

Philip finds fulfilment in the challenge of writing production music, relishing the opportunity to translate visual narratives into evocative musical cues. Joining forces with MediaTracks, Philip was drawn to the company's high standards and visionary approach to music placement. Outside of music, Philip finds solace in nature through mountain biking and hiking, while also nurturing his love for classical guitar and jazz bass. His eclectic interests and vibrant cultural engagement enrich his creative journey, fuelling his passion for crafting captivating soundscapes.


The Forest Calls - an animation short

River Song (animation film), Danish TV2 Documentary (a weekly documentary series featured in Scandinavia), Channel 4 (The Times Best Places to Live).

Dream commission:

Philip would enjoy the challenge of composing original music for a drama series.


Flute, Clarinet, Brass Trumpet, Cornet Euphonium, Trombone, Guitar Strings and Vocal all live.


Neo Classical, Chamber group, Historical Wind ensemble.

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