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Tim Gilbert (he/him)

I’ve been writing for MediaTracks for years, and I’ve picked up some great TV placements during that time. I really like it's set up to be such a supportive community for composers.

Tim Gilbert studied the cello and piano at Trinity College of Music, and Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London. Since graduating, Tim has been in high demand as both as composer and cellist.

Tim’s love for music is atemporal – he has never not been interested in it! He identifies having strong emotional responses to music from a young age, which led him to experiment by making up pentatonic music using only the black piano keys in pre-school. Additionally, he has always found the combination of music and picture a powerful medium, which inevitably led him to production music.

What Tim enjoys the most about writing production music is the challenge of writing in different styles and genres. This gives you the opportunity to develop both as a musician, and to broaden your skills on a technical level as a producer. Tim regularly collaborates on projects with other music producers and enjoys working in a range of styles and genres. He also writes an Atmospheric Lo-Fi Electronic project called ‘Fields of Few’ which is released on Triplicate Records and Werra Foxma Recordings.

As a Cellist, Tim works with many professional orchestras and ensembles in the UK, and regularly records for Universal Production Music, BMG, and many other record labels and publishers. Outside of his life as a musician and composer, Tim loves being outdoors: walking in the countryside, ocean kayaking and surfing (or ‘attempting to’, in his own words!). He also loves travelling as it always broadens the mind and helps him to keep perspective.


His credits as a media composer include the BBC, Sky Atlantic, Sky Sports and Sky News, and his music has been widely used on TV and Radio productions throughout the world in countries including the USA, Germany, Japan, France, Norway, South Korea and many more.

Dream commission:

A score for a Sci-Fi film.


Cello (live), Violin (Live), Piano (live), Synthesizers.

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