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Everyone at MediaTracks is open-minded, friendly, and genuinely interested in your music.

Thomas' professional career in music started in his teens, playing contemporary and classical piano in vibrant bars across the North of England. Over the years, Thomas has simultaneously developed a strong passion for Film Music and the ins and outs of audio-visual storytelling.

Having graduating from Leeds Conservatoire in 2022 with a First Class Honours degree in Film Music, Thomas has developed a versatile range of compositional styles. From traditional orchestral, to electronic, synth-heavy scores, Thomas' style often focuses on incorporating analogue synthesisers and crafting organic, dynamic soundscapes by blending these two mediums together.

Thomas joined MediaTracks on 2022 as an MT Apprentice, after being introduced to the team by MT Electronic curator, Andrew Potterton. He enjoys writing production music because he likes a challenge, and production music always forces him to delve into an area of music he might not otherwise have considered writing to. Thomas enjoys this essence of exploration and thinks it is very important for each composer to try things that are challenging for them musically. It helps you to develop and become a more rounded musician/composer. With production music, it is always inspiring to think where the track you are working on may end up being used - the possibilities are endless.

Outside of his composing world, Thomas likes to cycle, run and be involved in anything related to the outdoors. He highlights that, as a composer, working out is a key factor to get you in a positive headspace.


As a recent graduate, Thomas has no features as of yet. However, the most recent animation film he worked on, 'The Night Walker', won an award for 'best animation' at the Montréal independent Film Festival.

Dream commission:

The soundtrack to a Christopher Nolan film – although he admits the bar has been set quite high! Thomas has also always dreamed of scoring a modern James Bond film.


Piano (sometimes live), Synthesisers, (live), World drums (live), the orchestra (VSTs).

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