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Niall Galvin

MediaTracks are interested in tracks in a style I enjoy writing in!

Niall Galvin began his career in music with an artist project called Only Real - his catchy hooks and idiosyncratic, relatable lyrics landed him a record deal with Virgin EMI during his early twenties.

He toured his songs around the world, playing sell-out headline shows from London to Tokyo, and everywhere in between. Today, his music continues to rack up millions of streams years after its release.

During his time as a touring artist, Niall landed multiple sync placements with Adverts, TV shows and Video Games: Marc Jacobs, H&M, Panasonic, Avene, Made in Chelsea, The Royals and Guitar Hero, to name a few. Niall says that the main reason why he enjoys working in production music is the freedom that he gets on his songwriting process. Additionally, Niall highlights how production music gives him some purpose behind his more niche composing styles (such as Irish trad.).

This young composer focuses primarily on accessible melodies - satisfying familiar riffs that are often quite simple but develop the more you listen to them through the song. In addition to focusing on his own writing, Niall helps emerging major-label artists develop.


Marc Jacobs, Panasonic, BBC, Avene, TikTok, Guitar Hero, H&M

Dream commission:

A Guinness advert


Piano, guitar, bass, drums, vocals, banjo, strings.


Uplifting, Positive, Hopeful, Quirky music

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