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Mark Smith

MediaTracks are very hands on and extremely professional

Mark started his music career as a pianist and singer on cruise ships, performing on them for over 10 years. During this time, Mark began to create tracks for other artists onboard the ships, which led him to set up his own studio and start creating his own compositions. Mark’s main passion has always been to compose his own music, alongside performing.

Mark has constantly been inspired by the music and sound textures used in film and TV, for example, the way music can tell a story - from the epic nature of blockbuster themes, to the minimal use of sound and foley to create a story and support a narrative. This space for sonic and musical experimentation, in addition to the wide range of genres and styles within Production music, are one of the main reasons why Mark loves writing for this industry.

When Mark’s not performing and composing, he enjoys running, going to the gym and reading.


Mark has about twenty adverts featuring on TV through Hightower Video and he is currently working with Sonicbrand on some new and exciting prime time projects.

Dream commission:

Mark would do anything to write for a TV series or feature film...


Piano, drums, synths, strings, brass and samples.

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