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Jean-Loup Pinson

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Jean-Loup has loved music for as long as he can remember and his career reflects that. He studied contemporary guitar at the London College of Creative Media where he specialised in composition, on top of honing in his skills as a performer.

Originally training as a jazz guitarist, he developed his composing skills to fit a wide variety of genres including orchestral, electronic, jazz, folk and experimental.

Jean-Loup has written music for a vast array of films and adverts, as well as writing for stage performances, theatre and dance shows. He’s regularly working on Hollywood studio projects (lately Gunpowder Milkshake) as part of Frank Ilfman’s music team and can lend his hand to all manner of genres and projects. Jean-Loup has only recently branched out into the music production side of the industry, which allows him to experiment with different approaches and challenge himself during the composition process. He’s the master of creating atmosphere through his work no matter what the project.

Unsurprisingly, Jean-Loup enjoys spending his free time out at concerts, with his most favourite venue being London’s Barbican Centre.

Jean-Loup’s latest credits include the Ophir-award nominee feature film The Art of Waiting, the Berlinale special selection documentary Speer Goes to Hollywood and the critically acclaimed contemporary dance show Comrades in the Dark.

As part of award-winning composer Frank Ilfman’s music team, he has also worked on major studio film scores such as Gunpowder Milkshake starring Karen Gillan, Ghost Stories starring Martin Freeman as well as The Operative starring Diane Kruger.

Dream commission:
Jean-Loup is of course a fan of film, his dream commission would be to compose for the award winning, quirky director Wes Anderson.

Orchestra, Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, Percussions, Electronic Beat, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Synth, Piano, Clarinet, Violin, Trumpet, Accordion

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