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Jamie Vizard

It's been easy and a pleasure to communicate with MediaTracks. As far as I can tell, contracts are transparent and fair to both the composer and company

Jamie's journey in music began at a young age, playing piano and keyboards in various settings, from bands to studio sessions.

Over the years, he has worn many hats, from writing and producing music for different projects to working in live sound engineering for renowned performers. His extensive background also includes serving as a former director and part-owner of a live production company and currently as a part-time senior lecturer in Music Production at Leeds Conservatoire. With qualifications in Popular Music & Recording and Music Production, Jamie's expertise spans both academia and industry, making him a sought-after figure in music education.

Transitioning to production music in recent years, Jamie finds joy in the idea that his compositions can enhance visual storytelling, evoking specific emotions and moods. He values the flexibility that production music offers, allowing him to balance his production projects with his teaching commitments and family life.


As Jamie navigates his journey in production music, he eagerly awaits specific placement details, being relatively new to the field. Having previously self-released music available across major streaming platforms, Jamie has cultivated an artist persona under the name 'Lullabies for Butterflies,' showcasing his unique arrangements and productions of children's music, songs, and Christmas pieces.

Dream commission:

Songs and music for a Disney production!


LIVE: ukulele, upright bass, accordion, percussion, snare drum, washboard.
SAMPLES: piano, strings (cello, violin, viola), woodwind (tin whistle / Irish flute, flute, oboe, recorder), synth bass, harp, Glock, vibraphone, music box, trumpet, other percussion samples (e.g bell tree, triangle, conga), electric piano, drums, electric bass, Hammond organ


Kids music, commercial song writing