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Andy Hamilton

After growing up with a fascination for music, Andy fell in love with the saxophone at the age of 15 and set his sights on learning to play. Entirely self-taught, he kicked off his career in the Top Ten on the Reeperbahn, playing 8 sets a night with his first band, Smiling Hard. The band toured Australia and most of Europe, as well as being hired by visiting US soul artists including Edwin Starr and Ben E. King and even sharing a stage with Aretha Franklin.

Since then, Andy’s career has gone from strength to strength. After building his connections within the industry, his talent spoke for itself and before long he was being offered work with the likes of Duran Duran, Tony Visconti, Wham and George Michael. He’s now been playing with some of the biggest bands in the world for over 50 years.

Alongside his career as a performer, Andy has always spent just as much time composing his own music, and when he isn’t on tour he devotes his time to writing. He enjoys both aspects of his career in equal measure, finding the mix of performance and composition very fulfilling and rewarding. Over the years, he’s had over 150 pieces of music published, with credits on everything from Oprah to the Big Bang Theory and much more besides. He also has a songwriting partnership with percussionist Lily Gonzalez.

I like how MediaTracks tap into what each composer is good at, making the most of our strengths.

Andy’s music has been used right around the world, with TV credits including The Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy and Oprah, to name but a few!

Dream commission:
Andy’s passion is jazz, and a dream commission for him would be a chilled-out sax album with the creative freedom to take it in his own direction. He’d also love to do incidental music for a TV sitcom.

Saxophone, ewi, brass

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