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Mac Perry (he/him)

I am enthusiastic about collaborating with MediaTracks!

Mac Perry is a dynamic musician whose style blends the influences of The Streets and Kanye West, with a strong foundation in boombap production techniques reminiscent of J Dilla. Known for his innovative use of sampling and looping, Mac creates a unique sound that stands out in the industry. His dedication to his craft, and the challenges he faces due to a learning disability, drives him to change the lives of his family, friends, and himself.

Mac's musical journey began at the age of 13 when he started writing lyrics. By 16, he was collaborating with others and expanding his network through Audioactive, where he honed his skills in rapping, beatmaking, songwriting, and the business aspects of music. His first performance was at 17 in Brighton, and he has since participated in events at the Brighton and Edinburgh Festivals. At 22, after a rebrand and navigating the challenges of the pandemic, Mac saw music as a viable career path. His college tutors and workshop experiences were instrumental in his development as a music producer.

Writing production music allows Mac to convey his emotions without the pressure of appealing to a wide audience, giving him the freedom to be present in the creative process. His involvement with MediaTracks began when they approached him and Carousel to collaborate on a song for the Paralympics. This inclusive approach, along with the guidance from MediaTracks, opened new opportunities for him in sync licensing.

Outside of work, Mac enjoys watching football and playing video games. His work has been recognised in various media outlets, and he continues to pursue his passion for music with unwavering dedication.

Credits: Mac’s track "Dreaming" has been featured in a hip-hop blog called The Word is Bond.

Dream commission: A track on Sky Sports Premier League Super Sunday or Monday Night Football.

Instruments: Drum Samples and Loops, voice

Genres: Hiphop, Rap, Boombap

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