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Andrés Godoy (he/him)

I am really excited to work with MediaTracks, especially for the Paralympics album.

Andres Godoy, born in San Antonio, Chile, in 1953, has transformed his life's challenges into unique musical triumphs. At the age of 14, he lost his right arm in an accident, but through sheer determination and creativity, he developed an innovative guitar technique called Tatap. This self-taught method involves a series of strokes, pulls, scratches, and scrapes, enabling him to create rich rhythms, harmonies, and melodies.

Music has always been a profound force in Andres's life, serving as his medicine, salvation, and path. His passion for music led him to create two influential projects in Chile that became public policy, supporting the next generation of musicians. As a cultural manager, he has held significant roles such as Vice President of the ATR, Founder and Director of the School of Rock, and Director of the School of Music Production. His projects have impacted thousands of young people across Chile, from Arica to Punta Arenas.

Andres's musical style is a fusion of popular, folk, rock, jazz, and classical trends. He has toured internationally, performing concerts, masterclasses, and motivational talks in numerous countries, including Germany, Italy, the USA, China, Japan, and Argentina. He has been a star figure at prestigious Fingerstyle and Acoustic Guitar festivals, sharing stages with the world's top guitarists.

Currently, Andres is working with MediaTracks, having been introduced by María Ayalde and David Segal from Can-Do-Musos. He is excited to contribute two short instrumental pieces for guitar for an album dedicated to the 2024 Paralympic Games. Outside of his professional life, Andres enjoys writing, drawing, playing dress-up, and tennis.

Credits: His work has been featured in various media outlets in Chile and internationally, including programs in Japan, China, Taiwan, Vienna, Berlin, and Stockholm.

Dream commission: In Andrés own words, “Right now I'm doing what I've always really wanted.”

Instruments: Acoustic guitar, Fingerstyle

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