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Tarmo Heikkinen

Tarmo Heikkinen

Tarmo Heikkinen

Tarmo Heikkinen


Tarmo Heikkinen

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Tarmo is a self taught musician and has been playing fretted stringed instruments including guitar, mandolin and banjo since before his teenage years. He is well versed in production music and has recorded his work for decades, initially on cassette 4-tracks, then reel to reels, and finally on modern DAW software.

For Tarmo it’s all about the organic feel of the instruments, he loves to experiment, testing the limits of the sounds he can produce from them. His inspiration lies in roots music as well as world music, early blues and country. Tarmo creates authentic music that really carries a strong emotional story as authentically as possible. Tarmo enjoys interpreting briefs and concepts, he loves working to specifications or being given free reign to create the perfect masterpiece.

When not immersed in the world of his music, Tarmo enjoys spending much earned time with his family, dog and watching football.

Tarmo has scored indie-documentaries and curated a sound installation at his current hometown Kuopio’s art festival, ANTI.

Dream commission:
Tarmo would love to compose some atmospheric americana, a combination of rural roots and some modern left field harmony.

Guitars, lap steel guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, organ, keyboards, harmonica

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