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Gareth Cousins (he/him)

I have music I'd like the world to hear, and it will be a pleasure to work with MediaTracks to have those albums released on their label.

Gareth Cousins stands out in the world of composition with his unique ability to seamlessly fuse electronica, rock, ethnic, and hybrid influences into captivating cinematic music.

With a career spanning over 35 years, Gareth's journey commenced at the prestigious Abbey Road Studios, where he immersed himself in collaborations with industry luminaries such as Phil Collins and Sting.

His portfolio boasts an impressive array of achievements, from contributing to the award-winning score of "Gravity" (2013) to shaping the sonic landscapes of hits like "Baby Driver" (2017) and "Suicide Squad" (2016). Yet, Gareth's expertise extends beyond the silver screen, as he's also lent his talents to scoring numerous television episodes and partnering with the Royal Shakespeare Company for a comprehensive rendition of Shakespeare's plays.


Where to start?! Suicide Squad, Gravity, Baby Driver, My Policeman, and over 60 other titles!

Dream commission:

According to Gareth, every composition opportunity is a dream project. If Gareth wasn't being commissioned for work, he'd be doing it as a hobby.


Fusion of (real) analogue synths, live guitars, bass and percussion, analogue drum machines, orchestra (sampled or live when budget allows), vocals and ethnic instruments (live, according to budget)


Cinematic, electronica, rock, orchestral, cross-over and hybrid