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Craig Gannon

Having worked in library music, I’ve known of MediaTracks and their reputation for a while so it made sense to reach out.

Craig has always been interested in music, ever since he was young. He first picked up the guitar at age eleven, honed his skills, then started his esteemed career in music at the age of sixteen when he joined Aztec Camera.

Craig then went on to have a varied career in music as the guitarist for The Smiths, Terry Hall, Morrissey, Alison Moyet, Roddy Frame, The Adult Net, Black Grape, Buzzcocks/FOC, The Bluebells, The Blue Orchids and so many more.

Since learning the guitar as a child and all throughout his career, Craig has always written music, particularly instrumentals. He knew he wanted to progress to composing music for media and since 1998 he has been writing extensively for film and television, as well as songwriting for other artists.

Craig's impressive sense of melody is inspired by his favourite melodic songwriters and composers growing up, he was obsessed with The Beatles, Burt Bacharach, John Barry, Jerry Goldsmith, Ennio Morricone. Craig naturally looks at his music through a cinematic lens, which lends itself well to composing for media. Craig enjoys the freedom that production music allows to write in many different styles, he is able to write moving and atmospheric tracks even when he is exploring styles outside his comfort zone. Craig’s extensive career allows him to take inspiration from scenes and scenarios in his imagination to create expressive soundscapes that fit any brief.

When not involved in music, Craig enjoys spending time with his partner travelling to new places and experiencing different cultures.


Craig has an extensive list of credits in TV, documentary, film and advertising. Some highlights include The Krays: Dead Man Walking, Inside The Smiths, Black Dog, A Question Of Sport, Muse, R/Evolution, Big Smoke, Dispatches and The Smiths 'The Queen Is Dead' Classic Albums.

Dream commission:

Craig’s dream commission would be to score a film by a director with the talent and vision of someone like Stanley Kubrick.


Guitars, keyboards.

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