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MediaTracks have given me the ability to expand my reach into areas of music writing I haven't previously explored

Steph uniquely merges a variety of genres, transforming those typically less favoured into a cohesive, enjoyable style.

Her journey in music began with an early fascination for the piano at age two, eventually leading her to master four additional instruments. The world of music production opened up to her, offering the exciting possibility of combining all these skills simultaneously.

Steph's approach to production music is driven by an unbridled love for creativity and the flexibility it offers. The prospect of producing music anywhere, even with just two hours of laptop battery, symbolizes her dedication and passion. This freedom and spontaneity in her creative process result in a fresh and invigorating sound that captivates listeners.

Her association with MediaTracks, initiated through Music Production for Women's sync competition, has opened new avenues for her music career. Working with MediaTracks presents her the opportunity to delve into uncharted territories of music writing, broadening her horizons and challenging her already versatile skill set.

Outside the realm of music, Steph's talents and interests are just as impressive. She is a European jiu-jitsu champion, showcasing her discipline and dedication in a field vastly different from her musical endeavors. Steph Comiskey is not just a musician but a multifaceted individual with a profound ability to excel and inspire in whatever she pursues.


Steph played as part of a band for 3 years which included festival performances!

Dream commission:

Doing some production work with Fred Again


808 synths and sampling