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Penny Black

Great that MediaTracks are targeting women in a male-dominated industry. The welcoming tone of communications and an enjoyable online meeting contributed to an uplifting atmosphere.

As a songwriter, performer, producer, and mix engineer, her journey has evolved from performing with a band to embarking on solo tours using her self-produced mixes.

Her upcoming self-made album, a fusion of catchy pop and unique electro elements unified by the piano, showcases her dedication to her craft. With plans for a dance music EP under a new project name, Penny's distinct sound and meticulous attention to lyrics, coupled with her experimentation with vocal styles, set her apart in the electronic music landscape. Driven by an unwavering passion for music, her creativity knows no bounds.

Penny's musical aspirations have been a lifelong pursuit, beginning with songwriting and performances in her childhood. A pivotal moment in her career came with a move to Sweden, where she honed her skills in mixing and producing, even working as a songwriter for a notable DJ. A disappointing experience with a traditionally recorded album led her to dedicate five years to mastering self-recording, culminating in the near-completion of that very album. Now back in the UK, she seeks to leverage her unique sound for production clients and syncing opportunities.

Writing production music for Penny is akin to finally wielding the brush in her artistic journey, bringing unfiltered joy and creative satisfaction. She relishes the autonomy of production, the excitement of meeting briefs, and the thrill of exploring new sounds and genres. Her successful ventures into various projects, including internet campaigns and theatre productions, reflect her versatility and commitment to her art. Joining MediaTracks through the She Creates competition, she appreciates the platform's focus on empowering women in a male-dominated industry and the encouraging community it fosters.

Beyond music, Penny's creative energy extends to voice acting, novel writing, and soon, podcast presenting and producing. She also thrives in social settings, having founded 'Musos of Edinburgh,' a networking group for musicians and industry professionals. Penny Black is not just a musician; she is a multi-faceted artist whose passion for music is matched by her enthusiasm for life and community.


Various tracks by Stockholm Noir and a BBC Documentary

Dream commission:

The title track of a TV show! Something dark and mysterious but maybe also pulsing and upbeat.


Piano, strings, drums, percussion, bass, various synthesisers