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Heather Fenoughty

It’s lovely to see how up for more wide-ranging styles and experimental music that MediaTracks library is up for.

Ever since she can remember, Heather has been drawn to film soundtracks and this inspired her to play in an orchestra that performed and recorded film music, so she picked up the violin and began to learn. Then, in her teens, it became clear to Heather that she’d much rather be writing the music than performing so began practising composition while studying at two music degrees.

After graduating, Heather went on to continue performing music as well as teaching, but media music composition kept calling. Through her determination and skills, Heather has since forged a successful career as a composer for film, television, games, theatre and other media. Heather’s first production album was written in 2010 after a friend introduced her to a library he was working with, and since then she’s really enjoyed writing production music alongside her other composition work.

Heather enjoys the freedom that production music gives her to experiment with different styles and genres, from orchestral to cinematic, to electronic and experimental.

When not immersed in music, Heather enjoys experimenting with vegan food, keeping fit by cycling and running, as well as relaxing by watching or reading anything in the science fiction genre.


Heather’s work has been featured on TV networks and Films broadcast on Sky, BBC, ITV, CITV, C4, C5. Her library placements include NBC and CBS. Her work has also featured on international cinema release for the animated feature StarDog & TurboCat, starring Bill Nighy and Gemma Arterton. She has also written theatre music off Broadway and on the West End.

Dream commission:

Heather’s dream commission would be a big budget Star Trek series.


Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Strings, Woodwinds, Brass

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