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Graphyne (she/her)

The communication and support has been amazing. Encouraged to work in my own lane and that I have supported to ask any questions and this be respected.

Graphyne's musical career, marked by her recent triumph in the She Creates Production Music Challenge, is as unique as her sound - a captivating mix of deep house rhythms, electronic glitch, and intricately manipulated live vocals.

Her journey into the world of music began in childhood, where she first experimented with songwriting. This early passion for music took a more serious turn during her university years studying Acting. Here, she not only honed her creative skills but also found the confidence to delve deeper into music creation and recording.

In her professional evolution, Graphyne has seamlessly blended her musical talents with her role as a counselor. This intersection of music and healing became a crucial part of her journey, allowing her to utilize music as a therapeutic tool and to empower others to explore their own musical talents. Her foray into production music, characterized by its therapeutic benefits and the joy of bringing poetry to life through sound, has been a significant and fulfilling aspect of her career.

Graphyne’s involvement with MediaTracks began with her participation in the She Creates challenge, a venture that has provided her with both recognition and a supportive creative community. At MediaTracks, she has found an environment that values her unique artistic approach, encouraging her to explore her creativity without boundaries. Outside her professional life, Graphyne remains deeply engaged in music and sound workshops, contributing to her local women's service. Her interests in travel, sound therapy, and the arts not only enrich her personal life but continually inspire her evolving musical style.


Winning MediaTracks first ever She Creates Production Music Challenge!!

Dream commission:

Graphyne would love to create something for a TV series that has vocals that tells the story of the characters as part of their internal narrative - and of course great electronic dance music for advertising.


Synths, Piano, Guitar, vocals, samples and drum kits. All plugins except for vocals and some samples which are recorded live


EDM and Vocals

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