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Dan Egdell

I was part of the 2023 MediaTracks writing camp, and we've continued our relationship ever since.

Dan Edgell is a multifaceted producer, writer, and drummer whose musical journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of unconventional sounds, ambient soundscapes, and euphoric arrangements.

From the outset of his career, Dan's talent has been formally recognized, with support from PRS Momentum, Arts Council Funding, and the Open Fund. Co-founding the band Polo, Dan swiftly gained traction, playing numerous European shows, and receiving critical acclaim with airtime on Radio 1, 6Music, and Noisey. Dan's versatility shines through in his diverse portfolio, which includes sync deals with major brands like MTV, Samsung, and Bodyshop, as well as composition credits for establishments ranging from hotels and restaurants to the esteemed paper manufacturer G.F Smith.

In addition to his musical endeavours, Dan wears many hats, serving as the founder of Stave Studios, a session musician for prominent bands like King No-One and Faux Pas, and an academic contributor to research papers from institutions like King's College London. Embracing the freedom of creativity within given briefs, Dan is drawn to writing production music for its capacity to push the boundaries of conventional genres while still meeting the demands of commercial projects.


Samsung, Bodyshop, Topshop, G.F Smith, Tattu

Dream commission:

Anything streetwear, as Dan feels like you can lean in to left-field ideas and upcoming ideas within this context.


synths, drums

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