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Chris Ingham

I was especially touched by MediaTracks asking for an album of songs that contained a personal essence, that were expressive of myself.

Chris grew up playing the piano and violin, then later started playing the guitar in his school’s traditional jazz group, after being inspired by The Beatles.

Chris’ early influences of Oscar Peterson and Frank Sinatra started him on his professional path as a jazz pianist-singer, and he started performing paid gigs during his time at university.

Chris’ interest in composition blossomed when he met music journalist and singer, Jim Irvin and began writing with him. The pair released an album titled Mad, Scared, Dumb and Gorgeous under the name Because in 1992 which was subsequently listed for the inaugural Mercury Music Prize. The connection with Jim led to substantial moonlighting as a music journalist for magazines Mojo and Uncut, as well as authoring a Rough Guide To The Beatles and a Rough Guide To Frank Sinatra. Chris made a talking head appearance in a Beatles documentary Composing The Lennon & McCartney Songbook, which led to a fifteen year long association with film director Tom O’Dell, as a composer.

The journey into the world of production music for Chris, naturally began as he had already composed and recorded hours of music in a wide range of genres, ready to be published for exciting new opportunities. Production music allows Chris to approach each brief with curiosity to unpack the musical language and find the essence of a sound, as well as create music that is personal and organic. Though his day-to-day musical craft is rooted in the neat harmonic and melodic nuances of modern jazz and Pop, his compositional interests stretch from the catchy immediacy of a jingle, through to the subliminal mood enhancement of a drama underscore.

When not making music, Chris loves to spend time with his family, dogs and playing darts.

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Chris has created soundtracks for TV and documentaries, including How The Beatles Changed The World, Wartime Crime, Manson: Music from an Unsound Mind, The Murder Network.

Dream commission:
A dream commission for Chris would be a nuanced, sensitive drama score.

Piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums, bass, orchestra, electronics

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