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I like the positivity you get from the MediaTracks, getting feedback on songs as and when you are working on a track is helpful.

Bill is an esteemed rock guitarist with an extensive career spanning live shows, session work, and writing and producing his own music. After mastering the guitar, Bill began his career aged just sixteen performing with the one and only David Bowie. He then went on to form his band, Xero, with Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden fame.

Bill has experienced the music industry from all angles including touring the world with German rockstar, Nina Hagen. He has headlined many international festivals including Rock in Rio, Montreux Jazz, Roskilde, Fête de L'Humanité, Bumbershoot, Rock in Athens, Rock in Buenos Aires and the San Remo Blues Festival.

After fifteen years on the road, Bill’s wife had a baby and so he decided to revert to studio session work in his home town of London. Through this, he became Trevor Horn and Zeus B Held’s in-house session guitarist, and played on a number of hit records including Downtown Train by Rod Stewart and Baby I Don’t Care by Transvision Vamp. Bill also embarked on the journey of recording his own albums titled No Strings Attached and Visual Surveillance of Extremities. His solo albums demonstrate his masterful skill and musicianship as a guitarist.

In order to hone in his skills further, Bill began delving into production music. He enjoys the freedom and creativity it affords; he often wakes up having dreamt up a chord sequence or a melody and can’t wait to get straight to recording his idea. It’s the spontaneity in Bill’s approach that leads to the energy in his tracks.

Bill has had an extensive career in music and has worked with a long list of notable artists including, Jack Bruce of Cream fame, LEVEL 42 band, ASIA, Deep Purple’s Glenn Hughes and Motorhead.

Bill’s production music has been featured on the ATP Tennis Championship as the theme tune, as well as TV programmes such as Queer Eye, Baggage Battles, Dog Whisperer and Jeremy Clarkson’s Motorworld. In addition, he has composed music for the film Bet, Raise, Fold.

Dream commission:
It seems like Bill has done everything the music industry has to offer, but his dream commission would be to hear his work on a US Cop Show, wrestling or the Superbowl.

Guitar, acoustic guitar, midi guitar, bass guitar, fretless bass, drums, percussion, loops, harmonica, mandolin, keyboard

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